Wisdom Pro Modules: Changes and New Features

Wisdom Pro integrates various more features and designing options. In this version of the theme, you can find various more configuration, layout, color options which can help you bring more of your vision and preferences into your site.

Let’s look at some of the changes in the premium version of Wisdom:

General Settings


The preloader indicates the site is loading. So, the premium version of Wisdom enables you to add preloaders in your site. There is various style of preloaders options for you to choose from as per your preferences.

Background Animations

Background Animations enables additional creative and attractive touch to your website. With Wisdom Pro, you can add animations to your site background to attract your readers.

Widget Editors

Widget Editors allows you to edit block-based widgets in the sites. You can enable or disable Widget Editor with Wisdom Pro.

Header Settings

Top Header Section

Top Header Sections allows you to extra features and designs at the top of your website.

Learn about Top Header Area

Header Layouts

Wisdom Pro enables its users to customize the site’s header with three different layout options as per their preferences.

Learn about Header Layouts

Frontpage Settings

Frontpage Featured Sections

Featured Section in the Wisdom Pro allows you to add featured items in your frontpage with an ability to deep customize them.

Learn about featured sections.

Frontpage Layout Sections

In Wisdom Pro, you can customize design layouts and add additional functions in your frontpage of your website.

Learn about Layout Sections

Design Settings

404 Error Page

You can customize 404 Error with Wisdom Pro.

Learn more about the 404 Error Page

Additional Settings

Breadcrumb Settings

Breadcrumb is very important navigational feature for any site. You can enable breadcrumb settings with Wisdom Pro.

Learn about Breadcrumb settings

Enabling extra features

In this section, you can enable various features in your site. Features like Sidebar Sticky, Wow Animations brings additional touch to your site, and you can enable them with Wisdom Pro.

Learn about enabling Extra features


You can now customize your site’s font across the various pages and sections of your website.

Learn about Typography

Footer Widget Layout Section

There are now four different footer layouts in Wisdom Pro. You can add widgets as per the layout. This will serve a great purpose for navigational and informational sense.

Learn about Footer Widget Layout Section