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Here are some useful links to get started with the WordPress:

Installing Theme via WordPress interface

Installing Theme Offline

Installation Via FTP/Cpanel

Installing Theme via the WordPress Interface Pro Version

Installation via FTP/CpanelPro Version

Configure site logo/title/favicon

Configure Theme Color

Configure Header Text Color

Configure Background Color

Configure Background Image

Configure Homepage setting

At homepage template various widget area places to manage the different layout of block section. If you don't configure homepage template latest posts are displayed like an archive as default.

Create Home Page

Configure Featured Home Page as a Front Page.

Configure Blog as a Front Page

Configure Top Header SettingsPro Version

Configure Innerpages Header Image

Configure Header LayoutPro Version

Before customizing the frontpage settings, configure a static home page.

Configure Slider Settings Pro Version

Configure Banner Image/Title/Content

Configure Sections LayoutsPro Version

Configure Archives Pages

Settings are effected on the archive, categories, search pages.

Configure Pages

Configure Posts

Configure 404 Pages.Pro Version

Create Social Media Icons

We use repeater field to add unlimited social media icons.

Create BreadcrumbsPro Version

Configre Extra FeaturesPro Version

1. Configure CV:Latest Posts

2. Configure Video 

3. Configure Category

Configure Header Sidebar

1. Configure Image 

2. Configure Category

3. Configure Search

4. Configure CV:Latest Posts

Creating New Category

Creating New Post

Creating New Page

Configure Store Notice

Configure  Product Catalog

Configure Product Images

Configure Checkouts

These options let you change the appearance of the Woocommerce checkout.
The privacy policy ppage and terms and condition page msut be pre-made.