Wisdom Pro

Introducing Wisdom, the latest Clean & Personal Free Blogging WordPress Theme from CodeVibrant! Fully responsive design displays beautifully across desktop, mobile, and all devices. Easy installation allows you to start post blogs immediately after the activation. Theme supported Customizer which allows you to customize and change the design of your blog.

Installing Theme via WordPress interface

Installation Via FTP/Cpanel

Demo Import:

Configure site logo/title/favicon

Configure Theme Color

Configure Header Text Color

Configure Background Color

Configure Background Image

Configure HomePage Settings

Configure Site Settings


Video Tutorial:

Configure Extra Option

Configure Header Layout

Configure Innerpages Header Image

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Configure Banner Settings

Configure Layout Settings




Video Tutorial:

Configure Archives Pages

Settings are effected on the archive, categories, search pages.

Configure Pages

Configure Posts

Configure 404 Page

In this theme Wisdom Pro 404, Error Page has two different layouts like Default Layout and Extra Layout. In Default, layout page is same as free and in Extra Layout, all elements of the page are editable which is control from Customizer.


Create Social Icons

We use repeater field to add social icons unlimited.

Configure Breadcrumbs

Configure Extra Features


Configure Typography

Video Tutorial:

Creating A New Menu

Menu needs the pages, posts, and categories so please create that first.